6 Special Rules for Amazing Success In life

What are the Basic Rules of Success? Use them daily to your benefit and reap the results.

Razvan Chisu

re you looking for success in life? Please do not read further as there are some philosophies but Ideally, there are no rules for Success in life.

First, we need to understand what is a success. According to Erl Nightingale — Success is the progressive realization of a Worthy Ideal.

Go through the article — 6 Definitions of Success as defined by most successful people

The word success is the most misunderstood word. You may dream of being successful only when you drive your own Expensive Car, Live in a lavish house or Have a lot of money.

The primary important task you need to do is define what you want.

What do you want to do in life?

Check all your areas of interest. Just focus on one interest area and keep learning and learning. Success will follow you in your goal.

Few rules that you can make for yourself are:

Focus on your goal each day

Learn something new each day

Be honest and truthful towards your work and efforts

Help as many people as you can in the field of your choice

Manage your time well

Keep marching on your chosen Path

1. Focus On Your Goal Each Day

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here are many distractions in life daily. With the age of Youtube, Google, Whatsapp, and many other social media tools, life is more of a distraction than focus. Earlier people were talking and meeting.

The best way of being social to get social in society was the way.

Today you can greet someone on any of the social media, text and the work is over. It may seem so but the reality is different.

Coming back to the point 1 goal a day.

One goal a day is the best technique to get what you want.

If you have a to-do list of 20 things will you be able to do all?

Some experts talk about giving every day a theme. Giving your day a theme will make the day most productive.

You could theme every day like:

Monday — Planning day

Tuesday — Organising day

Wednesday — Directing day

Thursday — Execution Focused day

Friday — Results-Focused day

Saturday — Downtime day

Sunday — Family day

Keep doing your to-do list and other work but focus on one goal of the day.

2. Learn Something New Each Day

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earning something new each day opens up new neurological networks in your brain.

Your brain has a conscious and subconscious part. Research says that 95% of our brain is programmed through subconscious until 7 years of age. Right now we are working with only 5% conscious brain to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

So for success in life, we have to get results from the subconscious that is the powerhouse of all information.

To change your 95 percent subconscious, you cannot do that with just one-day activity or effort. Daily you need to learn something new to form a new pattern in your subconscious till it becomes your habit and pattern.

Slowly you will see that you will keep changing your 95 percent subconscious brain and its patterns.

3. Be Honest And Truthful Towards Your Work And Efforts

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his is the most difficult part of your life each day. Why difficult because our eyes are in front to see and watch others but there is no mechanism to watch your work and efforts back. So you need to be really honest with your work and efforts.

If it is your business and job under commit and over-deliver is the mantra but many people just do the opposite.

This is the reason “the power of one” is such an important thing in life.

Get into some mastermind groups working on the same goal or get yourself and accountable partner.

An accountable partner is one who keeps accounts of your efforts and goals. He/she guides you in case of some deviations.

Judge yourself. You are the best to judge.

5. Help As Many People As You Can In The Field Of Your Choice

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hen you help others then you get out your comfort zone. When you see a good message on some social media, you share it with others. Why? Because you want to share the change/happiness that you received after reading/watching that content.

When you help others you develop a pattern of going the extra mile. You develop a deep connection with society and the people around you.

You never know when a stranger becomes your friend and then your employer/business partner. Keep helping and sharing with others.

Time management is one of the toughest question and the need of the hour. Time management is easy and tough both.

The best thing is to list down all the activities that you are going to accomplish the next day.

Then ensure that the very next day you get all your activities ticked by the day end.

6. Keep Marching On Your Chosen Path

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ll achievers were action takers and persistent towards their goals. From my personal life also I have witnessed that focus and persistence win in the long run.

Whether you are a writer, actor, dancer, poet, teacher or anyone persistence is the key.

When you focus on one subject you become the master.

International Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was once asked, “Wow Sachin you became Instant Success. Great!”. Sachin replied, “Oh Yes I am an instant success. It took me 10,000 hours to become instant Success.”

If you just focus for 10000 hours on a subject you will become instant Success.

Last But Not The Least

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eep marching towards your goal. There is no secret and there is no shortcut. Someone whom you may see today as an overnight star might have been working silently for many years.

A bamboo tree takes 5 years to grow 90 feet. For the first 2 years if you watch it you may feel that there is nothing. For the first 5 years, there is no visible sign of improvement.

In 5 years it grows 90 feet. What was the tree doing for the first 5 years?

It was penetrating its roots deep — 90 feet below the ground. So think big, start small and focus on your goal. You will attract success.

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