The Truth About Seven Keys To A Successful Business

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If you have a part-time or full-time business and you look for all kinds of guidance to get more customers/visitors/ leads, then keep on reading.

You are at the right place.

Are you the one looking for something like that — “What makes Successful Business?”

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Here are the seven keys to a Successful business than can help you in your active/passive business:

1. You are in the Business of People

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Have you ever realised that whether you sell goods/services, you are in the business of people?


Be it any business; People are your most significant Assets.

Work with them not against them. Do not use them but create meaningful relationships with them.

Your Business will grow automatically.

Get active with your customers’ leads and connect with them daily.

Some of them may be shy to connect with you and ask you about the product/services, but you can reach them.

Let you be a leader connecting with each person sometimes in a week.


Create a Post on social media — facebook, twitter, blog, Linkedin, Youtube etc. about the benefit that someone generated with your product/services.

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Or educate your prospective customer about the results and benefits through a Video or a post.

This will give you the key to a successful business.

2. Business is Business

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Whether it is $1 Business or 700$ Business, Business is Business.

High Ticket sales speakers like Dan Lok talks about pricing value in business.

Anything above 200$, according to him is a high ticket sale.

Even if it is a low ticket sale i.e. $6–70 take it because all websites and companies start low.

You may join someone’s course at $1, and later you may pay $150 to him and then $1500.

Author of “Dotcom Secrets”, Russel Brunson Says — A customer once a customer is always a customer.

Qualify your visitor to become a lead and then let it become a customer.

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If you straightaway ask $150 very few will pay.

Always look for high ticket sales and pitch for that but if a low ticket is coming, take it and do not leave it on the table.

Trust gives the business.

3. Prospect to Business Partner / Customer

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You want a candidate to become a Customer / Business Partner and expect him to listen to you.

Do you listen to someone who is offering you a product/service/business opportunity in the market?

Whenever someone comes to you and offers you some product, your first reaction is “is he here to take money out of my pocket?”

Focus on your customers.

Who do you want to be your customer?

Do not pitch your product/service to anyone and everyone thinking he/she should convert to a sale.

Tell as many people as you can, through any medium as you can but let them take their time.

Trust the god and do the right.

4. Your Success majorly will come from unknown

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Top leaders say that if your success was in known people, then you should have been successful by now.

There is a saying also that your income is outside the boundary of your comfort zone.

Keep expanding your comfort zone.

Keep meeting new and new people.

Keep talking about your product/service to as many people as you can with the intention of help.

5. You are giving a Solution not a problem

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We are living in the age of change. Never feel low about yourself that you are selling a product/service.

You are giving a solution to people that will benefit them.

When you feel that you are doing that for your benefit, your confidence goes down. Think about what can your solution do for them.

If you are not selling your product/service to customers, you are depriving them of the benefit they could achieve from your product or service. “Dotcom Secrets”(*Affilaite Link).

6. Invest that much that you can afford

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We, in this age of information, are living with a lot of transformations and updates (Risks, Changes).

Anything in any part of the world will affect something.

Uncertainty, Business, Risk, and returns will go hand in hand.

If you are in digital business, do not keep on buying the tools and services for the sake of helping you.

If it is physical business goods/services — keep stock of products, material that can help you. Excessive investments will make you panic and take loss-making decisions.

7. Sow your seeds daily

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Whether you are in physical/digital business, you need to sow the seeds daily.

As in real business, you have to have your office daily, so is the case with the digital company.

Keep helping people in your domain/niche so that they know about you and your product/service.

So relationships will become meaningful relationships.

When you see these seven keys to a successful Business in action, it will be easier to keep going.

You will no longer see your habits as “habits” — they will become part of how you live.

(Note — this article may contain Affiliate Links. If you click on the Affiliate link you will be redirected to an affiliate link page, and I may receive some compensation for the same)



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