How To Unlock The Purpose Of Life Easily

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How to find the Purpose of life? This a fundamental underline question faced by you each and every day. You wake up in the morning, do your daily activities, fill your stomach and leave for the work. Be it business or the job you are giving maximum time to it. For What You Are Here In This World?

You are using your brain and body to accomplish all daily tasks. For many people, each day is a new day and for others, it’s just bearing the burden of life.

Is life really worth bearing the burden only?

Are you here to live to eat, pay the bills and die only?

Is there something more to life?

What actually life wants?

To answer the above question let’s try to answer the following questions?

For What You Are Not Here?

You are not here to Lose.

You are not here just to pay bills only.

You are not here just to face competition.

You are not here to say “why me”?

You are not here to hate yourself.

1. The Purpose Of Life Is Not To Lose But To Win

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You are not here to lose. This is one life and the life you have is just a second worth in the lifetime of the universe. Cribbing here and weakening your potential will not help.

Having positive thoughts of worth and worthiness will harness your life. Sow the seeds of happiness, peace, and love. Seeds will sprout into a sapling. A sapling will be a plant and then a tree. What you sow will reap.

2. The Purpose Of Life Is Not To Pay Bills Only

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Every morning when you wake up, it is to accomplish something divine, as you pay for living in this world. The planet we own is free but we pay for rent/taxes or even for the value of the toothbrush. Gone are the days when you used to have the toothbrush from the bark of the tree.

You are living on this earth and expected to give something to it. That giving is in the form of labour, work or some action. Do you feel that you here to just live, eat and pay bills only?

No, it’s not.

Time and ages, people came on this earth and left and the world became better and better. You are here to contribute to fellow humans and serve society. Even a simple smile of yours can make someone’s day.

Just a single thought of yours can change someone’s life. That is your contribution here. The love you share with others, the life you live with others is your condition to live.

Imagine if you had been without parents, who would have taught you the meaning of love? Parents came on the planet to nurture you and they contributed to your life.

Do you know what the universe has thought for you or has a plan for you?

Many people lived a certain part of life in a certain way and later they drastically changed for society and humanity. Finally, their total work became a dedication to society.

3. The Purpose Of Life Is Not Just To Face Competition

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Is this the common feeling you have? Are you here to compete with fellow beings only?

No, there is no competition. You are here in this world to make it better and better. You are here to learn certain lessons and carry on with this life and upgrade your abilities.

In the book “Many lives many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss, there is the story of a girl Catherine. Dr. Brian Weiss is a world-renowned Past Life Regressionist. He shares the story of the life of Catherine during various lifetimes. During the hypnotherapy session, he asks her “what was your mistake in the life you just lived?” She said, “I should have forgiven the person and should not have taken the pain forward.” The pain you keep in this life gets carried with your soul.

4. The Purpose Of Life Is Not To Say — “Why Me?”

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Many times, you might find yourself in a situation, why me? In reality, there are many situations in life where you are blessed but you never say “why me?” There is a shower of blessings and abundance of nature on you every minute.

You are so absorbed in the future that you forget the present moment and situation. That gap between the present moment and future expectations provokes you to say “why me?”

The attitude of gratitude helps to multiply your blessings. Many positive thinkers have said, “what you focus upon expands.” If you focus on your problems. Your problems increase. If you focus on what you have, you will have more of what you already possess.

In life, most of the time you get so absorbed in the outer world that you are unable to see visible blessings. Count your blessings and be thankful. Your blessings will multiply. The movie “The Secret” focuses on gratitude rock. the author picks up the gratitude rock every time he is grateful for anything in life.

5. The Purpose Of The Life Is Not To Hate Self — “You Are Not The Root Cause Of All Problems”

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Defining yourself as a root cause of all problems in life will not help you. Yes, that is true that the world is your mirror. Whatever signals you will send to the universe will come back to you.

First of all, never curse yourself. If you are cursing yourself you are cursing “nature”. That nature or god or supreme power whatever you say has created you. The moment you curse yourself, you curse the supreme power. All those curses will come back to you. Accept all but love yourself.

Self-love will make you worthwhile in this world and will motivate you to do something meaningful. Your existence has a reason otherwise your existence was not planned. Be sure of the reason for your existence. Nothing happens without a reason in this world. Try to find the call of your soul.

The Soul according to the dictionary can be described as a non-local element that is the seat of emotions or character. Look for meaning in your life. Many times many things happen in your life unplanned and sudden.

Take some time out of our worldly activities to hear the call of soul or spirit. Money, power, and passion for things will motivate you to some extent but true inner understanding will keep you alive. Start your inner journey and Come alive.

Last But Not Least

The purpose of life is not a mathematical equation that can be calculated. Life is to be lived. Win your days. You are here to learn lessons and move on. Learn to forgive people, situations and events. Learn to love yourself.

Dr Deepak Chopra in his book “ Synchrodestiny “ talks about synchronicity, that guides the nature’s call for you. Many synchronous events happen in your life that can guide your life events.

You can get direction in your life through such events. Try to assess those events that have happened in your life with just coincidence. Those coincidences are not just coincidences, that are you life-guiding messages. Try to hear and analyze those messages to find life goals.

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Originally published at on January 8, 2020.

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Dr Ashish Juneja

Dr Ashish Juneja

🎭Founder of Independent Business Hub. 🚀On a Mission to help 100K people Launch & Scale Online 👬Father of 2 📧

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