How To Stop Racing Thoughts That Exploit You

Use these 7 Ultimate tools to control your racing thoughts. Stop allowing your racing thoughts to exploit you.

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Thoughts in mind will come irrespective of what you do. According to experts, you will have 60–80000 thoughts in a day. 80–95% of these will be negative.

So whatever you do, thoughts will come. A general suggestion by anyone in this world to everyone, in this case, is meditation. It looks easy but requires practice.

What are the methods to control your thoughts?

How to stop racing thoughts? Here are the 7 Ultimate tools:


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Closing your eyes and focusing on your breath will allow you to watch your thoughts.

You will see many thoughts, images in your mind, and with the mindful and watchful condition after a few minutes, you may have some points of no thoughts.

Those will be mili seconds only.

The practitioners of Zen state them as “Satori.”


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Another method is to keep yourself engaged in some productive work.

I do not know about you, but I can bring one example from my day-to-day life.

Sometimes when you go to the kitchen and start preparing some juice or your favorite item to eat, you forget many things. Even the time becomes out of context, and thoughts are gone for a few seconds.

Have you ever felt or noticed?


Because you are so engaged in the work that the mind cannot think.

The quality of mind is that it can work on one thing only at a time.

Sometimes when you go for jogging or racing, a few moments of not thoughts occur.


Have you ever realized that when you have to catch a bus/train or any other vehicle, and you are getting late, you run, run and run?

Your total efforts 100% is towards the present only — Run Run Run Catch Catch Catch

Those are the few moments when you may witness no thoughts.

Did you ever felt that?

Initially, you will have a few moments, but later, you will have more significant moments like this.

Ekart Tolle calls this concept “Satori” in the book.

Those are the moments mini/microseconds where there are no thoughts. With practice, that gap will increase.

Read the book “THe POWER OF NOW” — by Ekart Tolle


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There are some preconceived notions in your mind that something is true/false.

Research suggests that 90% or more people predict the worst-case scenario.

According to Tony Robbins, — You can be afraid about what can go wrong, or you can be excited about what can go right.

The choice is yours.

Someone close to you and not talking doesn’t mean he/she is not interested.

It may be the case that he/she may want to distance for the time being, or he/she is working extra hard on some project and trying to concentrate.

So don’t be afraid. Get excited.


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What is a Mantra? The word Mantra is taken from Hindu Mythology with the word “Man” or mind. Mantra is something that dissolves the mind.

A mantra is nothing but a word or a phrase you repeat and again calms your mind.

You can try some sounds/words like “Om,” “Life is great” or anything as per your religion or tradition.

You can practice the Mantra anytime, even in the supermarket or also while coming from the office.


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Writing your concerns on paper sends the message to your mind that it has taken due care. You can return to them later.

You will feel comfortable that you can revisit the concern.

The act of writing engages your mind, and hence mind cannot think continuously.

Writing your thoughts on paper calms your mind.

Try this out. You might have some fantastic experience.


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When you close your eyes and focus on your breath, your body shifts from the fight-or-flight response of the sympathetic nervous system to a relaxed response.

Pay attention to your breath as you slow it down.

Even if your mind wanders, let it walk focus on your breathing.

New habits are not developed quickly.

It takes time to practice these tools. Just do regular practice over a long period; you will see amazing results.

Realize that whatever is your age, that many years you have taken to form a pattern.

Now to break or recreate a pattern requires a massive shift, so be consistent and patient.

If you still feel you cannot control and there is some serious issue, try consulting a psychologist for psychotherapy or medication.

Did you get some idea on how to stop racing thoughts?

Which is the favorite tool you will pick to stop racing thoughts?

Share your thoughts.

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