What Is The Complete Truth About How To Attract Money

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Attracting money had been a fantasy of people. Have you been in the same situation where you have felt that how can you become a money magnet?

When you see an actor, producer, influencer, businessman making the right amount of money, then you might be thinking about how? How could he do that? How is it possible that wherever you go, money follows?

How can you ensure that whatever you make money follows?

What is the secret to attract money?

Is there a law of attraction concept for money also?

If there is one, how can I use that concept in my life?

As an Entrepreneur who pays salaries every month to my employees even, I have thought about it many times.

A few months ago, I came across the book by Dr. Joe Vitalle — “ Attract Money Now. “ It is a fantastic book clarifying certain concepts.

You might already be knowing many concepts, but still, there would be some which might be new to you.

Or even if the concept is new, you might get some breakthroughs.

For me, it was the concept of “Giving without expectation” as I have already attended the MMI (Millionaire Mind Intensive) Program by T Harv Eker. It was clear that I need to give a 5% contribution to society. Even in Hinduism, it recommended setting aside 2 percent of your income for charitable purposes.

I was setting aside 5 percent value of what I take home. But the real problem and the area where I was stuck was “whom to give?”. Who is the neediest? How to decide who should I contribute?

Let’s talk about the book. “ Attract Money Now “ is a great book where Dr. Joe Vittale talks about how he went from being homeless in 1970 on the Streets of Dallas, Texas, to a multi-millionaire. Now he is with a large fleet of luxurious cars that he likes. He read many self-help books, took action, and focused on his vision of becoming the author. During the process, he created 7 step formula.

Dr. Joe Shares an Easy 7 step formula:

  1. Alter how you think
  2. Give without expectation
  3. Prosperous spending
  4. Ask for Help
  5. Neville your goals
  6. Think Like an Entrepreneur
  7. Help your community and the world.

1. Alter How You Think

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The very first point here is your belief system. Whatever you have a belief about money matters a lot. If you believe money is the root of all evil, then forget about generating a significant amount of money in your life.

Money makes you more of what you are. The funds will only expand your core.

If you are a generous, loving, and helpful person, the money will make you more of that. Lack of Money is not reality but perception.

The money will only match your mindset. If you believe that you can earn 1000$ a month, then you are right. If you think you can make 5000$ a month, then you are right. Money matches your mindset.

Many people have talked about wealth, which could be of love, spirituality, thoughts, and emotions also.

Earl Nightingale, in his audio “ Strangest Secret in the world,” talks about the most precious things. According to him, whatever is available for free is most valuable. Our minds, dreams, hopes, friends, family, and relationships are open for free, so are most useful.

Something you get more, nothing is most precious. Something that you give value can always be recreated. So the real wealth is available even when you have no money.

Money is just for a better life. The need for money is for a better experience only.

You need to work on two things:

So love yourself and feel that you deserve success.

Write down your limiting beliefs about money and then write the opposite of those.

2. Give Without Expectation

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This is one breakthrough area which you might already be knowing. You need to contribute some percentage of money to people. But to whom is the question?

Dr. Joe Vitalle Said when he was homeless; he was unaware the giving is an important concept. According to him, it works like seeding.

In other words, the money that you give is the seed money the comes back to you in some of the different forms.

If you are not contributing, that means you are not seeding to bear the fruit of money.

Be the elephant, not the Gnat.

Now the question is whom to give? Who needs the most?

The most straightforward answer, according to Dr. Joe Vitalle, is giving to someone from wherever ever, you received inspiration today. Give money to those who inspired you.

Always bear the Attitude of Gratitude. Gratitude is the highest level of emotion.

In the Newtonian model of reality, there is a cause, and then there is an effect. In the quantum model of fact, you can create an impact to create an object.

When you are in the gratitude zone, you are sending the signals of thanks to the universe, which in turn will generate more and more causes for you to be thankful.

3. Prosperous Spending

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Prosperous spending is one such step in the book which I liked the most. It talks about buying the things that excite you.

Dr. Joe Vitalle explains that most of the time, we spend so much on a commodity, but we leave the slightest additional value. For example, we may be ordering popcorn during the movie but might miss the extra 2$ towards the butter for the popcorn. You might have paid 25$ for the movie bill, but that 2$ extra you are saving. Why? According to him, that is against the prospering spending.

He shares a story where he went to a cigar shop after his seminar. He asked the shop owner to show the Cigar, and he had shown some 50–70$ Cigar. Then he asked the shop owner, “If Donald Trump would have come to your shop which Cigar you would have recommended to him?” He Said, “this one.” That Cigar was 500$ Cigar.

Dr. Joe recommends thinking about the three things you want to buy right now.

He suggests purchasing those things without getting into debt.

I mean, if you can buy the commodity that you wish to, then go ahead and buy that if there is zero liability for you.

4. Ask For Help

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The Bible says, “Ask, and you shall receive.” So in case you are facing the problem of money, get into some mastermind groups. The mastermind principle, as shared by Earl Nightingale, can be worked on when two or more people can work on one issue or topic.

Ask for help from the people who have walked the path. Also, ask for help. Ask for help from the higher power. In the past, many people came out of the situation when they requested the universe / higher power.

Become childlike and say to the higher power, “I can’t do this. I do not see opportunities; please help me.” Ask, and You shall Receive.” “Seek, and You shall find.” “Knock, and it shall be open unto you.”

The primary premise is to be Be authentic, and people will respond. If you are looking for some help, Invest time and emotion in others.

List the people who can help to attract money now. Contact each person from the list you have created.

5. Nevillize Your Goals

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It is To Imagine something into being vivid. To create first in Imagination until it becomes reality. Named after, one of the great spiritual teachers of all time.

Think about the specific amount of money you want to attract over the next 30 days. Dr. Joe recommends thinking about the amount that is comfortable for you. It could be 50$, 100$, 1000$ or 10000$. It is just the number that you feel comfortable with.

Believe before you pray. Similarly, Be clear that it will happen.

Put into practice and expand your vision. Do not remain constrained to money only.

Have Vision mapping where you can choose pictures from magazines and the Internet about your goals and desires. Just be specific about that.

If you want a car, do not cut and paste any picture. Cut and paste the image of your dream car. Be specific.

Turn complaints into want. Turning complaints into desire is one of the beautiful concepts I liked from his book.

Dr. Joe Recommends flipping your complaints to become desires. You can say that “I do not have a Car” flip that to “I want Audi A3”. Whenever you have a complaint in your mind, convert it into your want.

6. Think Like An Entrepreneur

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An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

What is the objective of money? The reason for money is freedom.

Gary Vee talks every day about social media being the most significant opportunity of this Century.

The Internet is your friend to use that to create multiple streams of income. You can use your hobby to produce income.

Dr. Joe recommends to list down ten things you love to do. Now after listing them Convert them into product or service.

Think about How will you sell your product/service online?

7. Help Your Community And The World

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As the last step, Dr. Joe recommends to Inspire others.

According to him, Emotions of goodwill and love for people create the flow of these emotions back to you.

Always take the Inspired action. When you are inspired to act, inspire others.

Now you might be thinking about how to help the community?

The easiest method is to recognize the Causes or movements you care about. Find a way to help these causes or campaigns.

Every day you can write down the person who needs help and Find a way to help that person.

Start Taking Action

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Do you want to have a considerable amount of money in 2020? The key is to take action to modify your environment to support these seven steps now. Start working on your beliefs about money.

Ask for help from people and higher power. Buy something that for long, you had wished to buy. Just do it and do not get into debt.

Become Resourceful and think like an Entrepreneur.

Finally, contribute something to society and looking for a mission beyond yourself.

Attracting money might seem like fantasy and hard, but it does require making some changes to your habits.

Start today, and you can end up taking inspired and massive action.

What is your biggest takeaway from this?

What are you going to implement?

Originally published at https://ashishjuneja.in on December 31, 2019.



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